about the author

A structured independent thinker with solid analytical and evaluation skills, my vast employment experiences provide a sound understanding of strategic stakeholder, communications and project management gained from positions in the community and private sector.

I take a very strategic approach to my work but involve logic and creativity in equal doses, which requires an understanding of both the operational and strategic goals.

Initially I began in hospitality with Lion Nathan Hotels before moving to Air New Zealand and then into the Sheraton group. From the corporate experience to boutique Maori owned Tainui Travel which offered increased autonomy and responsibility while providing a forum to express and share my Maori heritage.

Since leaving New Zealand for Australia I have been engaged in positions such as lecturing at university, venue management in hospitality, general manager in textile, manufacture and logistics industries, and director of telecommunications, consulting and media organizations.
Mantra Business Solutions was born in 2006 as a result of successfully managing grants for businesses, which propelled them into higher value companies that were more effective and efficient at delivering their products.

Maori Business Network arrived in 2007 to address the needs of the growing number of Maori entrepreneurs in Australia. The network hosted New Zealand government ministers, film festivals, product launches and assists business by providing introductory, promotional and networking services.

During my time in Australia I have been involved in organizing the annual NSW Maori Rugby League Tournament, starting a te reo school and supporting kapa haka initiatives. The most important and challenging role by far is being father to my three absolutely awe inspiring children who continue to teach me so much about faith, hope, trust and love.


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