Enough is enough

The path to progress seemed imminent. Representatives from Te Matatini had agreed to meet, a place and timeframe had been set to sort out the details and then boom nothing. Te Matatini fell silent.  They failed to come good on their promise. My elation was followed by disappointment and regret.

This after years of sustained effort to resolve issues with NKTT. More upsetting was the fact that Te Matatini didn’t even have the courtesy to let anyone know the meeting was cancelled. An email requesting an explanation was simply ignored.

Along with others I did however receive an invitation from Issac Cotter to meet with others including Te Matatini to discuss areas of concern. My thoughts immediately turned to previous meetings with Issac representing NKTT. Two remain vivid in my memory.

The first, an invitation with one days notice to attend a “catch up” and “report” in relation to the NSW competitions.  The meeting, held after the unannounced NKTT AGM, was an ambush where an ill drafted deed was forced upon the NSW committee to read, accept and immediately sign in front of them.

The second, was at the MPANSW AGM at Te Wairua Tapu Church. Issac Cotter stated that the committee were all incompetent, that we should all stand down and that we had acted fraudulently.

Could you be that stupid to expect that people would turn up again? Give me a break.

I truly believed that committees were supposed to look after the people they represent. If this is so, why is NKTT dictating terms? That’s not good for kapa haka or the people in it.


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