The Elephant In The Room

Sydney skyline

Picking up where I left off in my last post, talking as a parent; I must stop my kids from being involved in kapa haka, that is, until the obvious failings are removed. Using the analogy of the swimming pool, I think we all want to clear the way for our kids so they can immerse themselves and have fun without fear of being hurt. This is something parents do as a matter of habit.


It’s absolutely amazing to hear the underlying talk in the corners over years was always about how badly kapa haka is managed here in Australia. Yet when the time comes to make a positive change NKTT conveniently manoeuvre the conversation to their benefit.

The magnitude of NKTT’s manipulation of matters to suit themselves is sheer genius. The method is obvious. Leave decisions and announcements up to the last minute. When they spring it on  groups, they have little to no choice but to bow down and accept the NKTT dictatorship. This regime seem to always have an alternative plan at the ready so that if something doesn’t suit NKTT – they keep simply keep shifting and changing until it does. Otherwise, is it possible to keep being disorganised and incompetent, and only accidentally by luck still keep succeeding in getting what you want no matter the cost to the community?


NKTT always leave it to the last minute to make their decisions, locking groups and their members in between a rock and a hard place. Given all those far too many preparation hours involved to go on stage, it’s just not an option to pull out of performing. After hundreds of hours, not to mention the hard earned funds raised from the community that finance the venture.


So the venue in Perth changed yet again. OMG, this is the third venue thus far – please let’s hope we don’t end up having it in a car park. Just because the cost of the incumbent venue was too high? This leaves it to groups to once again spend more money, to pay for yet more transport to the reach the new venue.

Oh my goodness you poor folk up there in Western Australia, my heart goes out to you all. You have the honour of hosting this event and these are the cards that you’re being dealt? You’d wonder if it were an honour or a horror.


Why does it take so long to put a stop to this humbug behaviour? The problems can’t all be attributed to the states that have hosted the event. The one constant in all of the events has been NKTT. Surely that would be the first port of call to make changes.


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