Miranda in wonderland – in response to Daily Terrorgraph article April 12


Privilege seems to have brainwashed Miranda Devine into thinking that New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has done a fantastic job, single-handedly founded the countries success bringing economic gains and the kiwi dollar into parity with the ozzie. Suggesting that Tony Abbott should follow JK’s lead is an even greater testament to this fanciful notion that these average white males are managing our countries well.

New Zealand will go to referendum over the flag which Miranda has miraculously infers that John boy himself has removed the “fear” of kiwi making change. I think the word is “transferred” he has transferred the fear of change to the war on terror and decided that New Zealand needs to play a part. Fantastic news, now all New Zealanders can truly fear an attack the same as Australia does. Now New Zealand can implement laws that infringe privacy and basic human rights based on these imminent attacks the same way Australia is doing. But that’s ok because JK has removed fear over the changing of a flag that kiwis will wave.

Miranda talks about JKs collaborative management style. Alright I agree that JK’s collaborative by the fact that he involves others in the conversation but that’s more smoke than fire. The kind of smoke screen that magicians use to hide their slight of hand tricks to amaze and bamboozle audiences. Unfortunately Miranda you’ve fallen victim to a great artist indeed.

Raising GST and lowering the marginal tax rate on high income earners is merely income redistribution. There’s no great reform here. This is just another smokescreen that ends up with the low-income earners earning less and paying more for their cost of living.

JK has cut millions out of welfare – that’s great but at what cost? Marginalizing the already marginalized by relocating them to find work away from their family and support systems. There’s a bloke in Australia doing that now in remote areas of WA. I can see why those two are good buddies – they’re after similar outcomes.

Privatization of health, jails and infrastructure provides more cash for the government to spend but at the expense of the population who will pay more for these services in the long run without government subsidization. With privatisation comes corporatization and like all good corporates there are the shareholders that invest for profit. But with a growing economy support systems such as social welfare and health are under greater strain and services will be reduced just because the cost dictates it so which is what corporatization is all about

Similarly with slight of hand Tony buggie smugglers Abbott is taking no direct responsibility for the removal of Aboriginal communities from remote areas in WA. No Tony isn’t getting his hands dirty on this one, there’s no blood on his hands. It is however the federal governments withdrawing of funds from the state that is prompting the push from the WA Premier to make these changes before they have to pay for it themselves. Nice work Tony – blame the WA Premier or better still say nothing and go to New Zealand to visit your buddy.

That Miranda Devine, an American born Australian educated at exclusive girls school Loretto just around the corner from Government house, is in agreement with Tony’s ideals and looks up to JK is no surprise at all. It clearly shows her own privilege and the fact that money has a greater attraction than equality or in the case of remote communities in WA, life itself.

Opposite to Devine, I don’t find anything sunny natured or normal about John Key, that is unless you are comfortable sitting in Mosman with well-heeled investment bankers whose privilege clouds their view of reality. I was more interested in the other kiwi news on the Sunday Terrorgraph – Stan Walker releasing his new album, Benji talking about his role at the Dragons and Justin Horo and Peter Hiku grabbing points for Manly. I don’t usually read the Terrorgraph but after reading this definitely will reject the habit.

It was interesting to see your other endearing bit of journalism on the same page as your tribute to corporate New Zealand which included the quote “welfare fuels child abuse”. After reading your column I just wonder, “What happens to the rest of society that doesn’t have the privilege of private school education and having friends that just happen to be Prime Ministers?”


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