Maori films …taonga or not

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So we’ve been having conversations about Maori films being released in Australia and why they only play for a short time before going to DVD and why Maori don’t support the films as well as they could. It is sad to watch movies such as BOY, WHITE LIES and DARK HORSE come to Australia and have only half the invited guests for a preview – (it was FREE) show up. The films get rave reviews overseas but here in Australia some people are still willing to get a pirated copy watch it and boast to their friends about it. It’s bloody theft and it’s a low act especially when it’s our own taonga – it means we’re taking from ourselves. The Dead Lands is trying to stop this by having groups book sessions for themselves.

Interesting was one of the conversations talking about Waitangi Fest where men were sneaking around past the gates to avoid paying a gold coin to enter the festival. This sort of behaviour needs to be thrown out, it’s time to grow up and take responsibility for our own treasures and treat them with the respect due – otherwise give them away. Put up or shut up I say – but that’s just my opinion and we’re each entitled to our own.

Brent Reihana


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