Caretakers of the traditional land



Today we had the pleasure of taking our kids to a film, yes – kids and films are not mutually exclusive. The film was an initiative from the Inner Sydney Montessori School where one motto is “children living in harmony with the earth”. The school is in the inner west of Sydney and their are fantastic public transport systems in place including bus and light rail. Light rail has recently extended to Dulwich Hill enabling service to many more families that frequent the school. The bus system has traditionally been very supportive of residents in the area with no fewer than 4 bus routes stopping within 200 metres of the school.

The film, Paper Planes was shown in Leichhardt and again no fewer than 4 bus routes service the area where the film was shown. The discussion from many of the parents after the film (apart from how enjoyable the film was) was where they were parked and where they were going for dinner after the show.

Caretakers of the land Indigenous are renown throughout the world for being aware of their environment, working sustainably within it to maintain the delicate balance of food sources, animal and plant life, water and land protection and growth to name but a few areas. Papua New Guinea became a play thing of BHP for the mighty corporate to extract valuable minerals including gold for the benefit of profit without giving back to the land or the people residing on it. Drilling off the coast of New Zealand and mining in the Kimberlys are other fantastic examples of governments making deals with corporates for profit and giving local custodians a pittance of the profits being made.

Think Global Act Local – recycle, reuse, rebirth. We can so simple things like, catch the bus, walk or ride to our destinations. You hear this phrase so often “…think of the health benefits” well it can’t be a disadvantage to give up the gas guzzler for a bit of exercise once a week. There is actually no reason for a car in Sydney (unless of course if you live in remote areas where the public transport system doesn’t access) where access to public transport is close at hand. Look after your immediate environment by purchasing products that have minimal packaging, are made locally and are made with environmentally friendly products. Turn off lights and other appliances not being used to save power, recycle paper, wood and water to limit waste of precious resources. Pass on clothes, furniture to others to reuse. Gumtree is a fantastic resource for re-birthing goods remember one persons garbage is anothers’ gold. Vote – use your feet as well as the pen Support policies and politicians that support local environmentally friendly issues and concerned with sustaining the natural eco-systems. Vote with your feet as well as your signature on polling day. If outlets like Coles and Woolworths sell non supportive products – just don’t go there – simple. Everyone has the power and ability to support green initiatives – it’s amazing and sometimes criminal that we don’t – we’re all guilty of it, we just need to pay a little more attention to the choices we make, which companies, policies and politicians we support.

Maori are hailed as kaitiaki of Aotearoa – looking after the whenua on which we live and sustain ourselves from. Practicing the methods of our tipuna – looking after water, air and land isn’t restricted to Aotearoa. Maori must do this everywhere we go.


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