Maori organizations are crying out for a mature approach from management ranks to provide real value for stakeholders who include more than just the Maori community but the entire Australian community and the New Zealand community in New Zealand and Australia.

In Sydney Maori  have been dragged though a plethora of failed marae ventures for well over 40 years, seemingly imploding upon themselves with each different crusade while other ethnic groups whose presence in Australia is minute in comparison both in population and in historic measurement have banded together and forged temple, mosque, synagog, church, sporting club, school, business and social club.

Two questions are prominent at most hui : why and when?  Why are we not able to come together and build a supportive community that provides for itself? And, when will it be the case (if at all) that Maori can achieve what other ethnic groups have clearly produced for themselves? Academics research and findings of such questions continues largely unheeded, meanwhile confusion reigns while collaboration, communication and consideration are largely ignored. “The time is now” the slogan for one marae venture surely meant it’s time to depose confusion and promote the nurturing activity?

But not focusing just on marae, what about kapa haka, rugby league and kura o te reo? Te Raranga Whanui are set to take the stage for their second Matatini but how many new faces were in the group? Is this because the senior members were not able to retain their positions due to the fierce competition from newcomers? What about the “peak body” of kapa haka ?(which the self appointed body refer to themselves as). How can this farce of an organization continue with a head that disregards legality, protocol, and without the guidance of a moral compass?

It’s time, there’s no argument. It’s time for a change, it’s time that Maori organizations take steps to provide for the Maori community of tomorrow.

Brent Reihana


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